Seed Border Cardigan

on Monday, September 7, 2009

Seed-Stitch3, originally uploaded by idreamsweaters.

Working on this seed stitch border cardigan for my Mom's Birthday. It's worked on a circular needle with many stitches. I have no problem working the purl stitch on straight needles but when working with circulars I dislike it because there's no room for my hands to grab the needle. I have often wondered why some knitters hate the purl stitch now I have an understanding. Even with this the cardigan is coming along and I hope to have it done in time.

Updated Vogue Jacket

on Thursday, July 9, 2009

RedJacket4, originally uploaded by idreamsweaters.

Okay, had to update the photo of this jacket! I have been working on it and it has grown. Can't wait :)

Vogue Jacket

on Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jacket, originally uploaded by idreamsweaters.

I'm working on this jacket from a Vogue Knitting magazine Winter 2003. It has a combination of a linen stitches on the sides and bubble stitches as the main stitch. The bubble stitches are are a little bit of a pain on my hands but its turning out great so I can take a little pain. I have a couple projects from Vogue magazines that I want to make as I didn't have enough experience at the time to make them, which is just great.

Mother's Day Bag

on Sunday, May 10, 2009

Love Green :)

I enjoy how this pattern turns out. It's just great cable knitting. I made this same bag for my sister for Christmas last year and my Mom really liked hers so I decided to make one for her for Mother's Day. Because I have already knit this bag before I had all the pattern changes which I made in a Word document. If you take a look at the original pattern you see why I had to rewrite it. It's a great pattern once you make since of it. Plus it's free!

This is also my first time sewing in a lining for a bag. I feel like it came out okay as I'm not really a sewer (I've made a couple pillows in the past). I brought the handles and fabric at Hancock's Fabric on sale they where pretty inexpensive and prefect fit for the yarn color. I have a bit of fabric left I'll need to find something to do with it. Plus I think the bag needs the ribbon the pattern calls for, I didn't use it on the other bag but I think this bag needs some black ribbon. My Mother agrees, back to the fabric store :)

Pattern Info
Pattern: Fashion Cable Knit Bag by Michael's
Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Wool in Lemongrass / 3 skeins
Needles: Size 9 US and 10 US

Beautiful Marlene

on Thursday, April 30, 2009

These are the most beautifully socks I have ever knit!

: Marlene designed by Cookie A.
Yarn: Paton's Grace (Taupe) 3 skeins
Needle: Size 2 US

Ok, granted I've only made four pairs of knit socks but these are so pretty. Even my **Dad** gave me an unsolicited compliment on them. I brought the Paton's Grace on sale at Micheal's and I really like this yarn. It's the best cotton yarn I have ever used, it doesn't hurt my hands to knit with it plus I got a beautiful pair of socks for $8, can't beat it. I'm now a Cookie A. fan and will be checking out more of her sock patterns.

I couldn't resist playing around with these socks in photoshop because the raised stitch pattern
photographs perfectly, it's just a great opportunity to use filters and and light just to see what will happen.

I will definitely be making more of these socks. With Mother's Day just around the corner my Mom will get a pair plus a knit bag I'm working on.

Colorful Baktus4

on Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Colorful Baktus4, originally uploaded by idreamsweaters.

Last night I was playing around with my camera and a reading light and took this picture of my Baktus scarf.

Pattern: Baktus Scarf by Strikkelise
Yarn: Red Heart Ltd. Designer Sport (Green, Teal and Black) 1 skein each
Needle: Size 4 US

The striped versions I have seen on Flickr and Ravelry where so beautiful, so I just had to make one out of some left over sport yarn I had around. I increased all the way up to 68sts before decreasing. I'm all ways on the look out for projects that make use of left over yarn . I’ll wear this with the garter stitch wrong side out.

Two Color Cardigan

on Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I did eventually find a project to knit. I got the inspiration to knit this cardigan when I was borrowing yarn and ran across these two colors of Caron Simply Soft. I really love this yarn 1. It's soft (of coarse!) 2. It comes in great colors.

The pattern is the March Basic by the Berroco Design Team.
I added some length to the body and of coarse threw in the stripes so I wouldn't be to bored.
I'm really pleased how the cardigan turned out as I'm wearing it as I type this entry.

Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect buttons :)