Beautiful Marlene

on Thursday, April 30, 2009

These are the most beautifully socks I have ever knit!

: Marlene designed by Cookie A.
Yarn: Paton's Grace (Taupe) 3 skeins
Needle: Size 2 US

Ok, granted I've only made four pairs of knit socks but these are so pretty. Even my **Dad** gave me an unsolicited compliment on them. I brought the Paton's Grace on sale at Micheal's and I really like this yarn. It's the best cotton yarn I have ever used, it doesn't hurt my hands to knit with it plus I got a beautiful pair of socks for $8, can't beat it. I'm now a Cookie A. fan and will be checking out more of her sock patterns.

I couldn't resist playing around with these socks in photoshop because the raised stitch pattern
photographs perfectly, it's just a great opportunity to use filters and and light just to see what will happen.

I will definitely be making more of these socks. With Mother's Day just around the corner my Mom will get a pair plus a knit bag I'm working on.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! They look sculptural.

BeebaBottoms said...

love those socks! cookie A confuses me cause I don't do DPNs, so I wish they weren't one of hers, but love them so much!

Kris said...

Pretty socks! I just finished my first pair of cookieA socks this month (Monkeys), and I have her new book. I'm looking forward to starting another pair.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous design, shown off beautifully.

Anonymous said...

those are amazing! Well Done!
Sandra, aka manyhorsesmane (Rav)

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