New Project

on Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guess why he's smiling?

I was planning on knitting Habanero, I even went out and brought a cute shade of red DK weight yarn for the project. However I quickly learned my plan to try to up size the original pattern wasn't going to work. The honeycomb cables were looking pretty large and nothing like what the cute model had on in Knit1 magazine. I had the bright idea to up size when I was flipping through the magazine (for the 200th time :) and decided that I really wanted to knit this pretty spring/summary top but found out the bust size only went up to 38". I'm unfortunately (fortunately?) have slightly larger bust size and need a little extra room in my sweaters.

So now I'm on the pursuit of my new project, which for me means pulling out many old knitting magazines and on top of going through my
Ravelry queue. This all in the search of a spring type top which will keep me interested in knitting it plus looks totally cute on. How hard can that be? For me hard as I've been looking for 2 days now and.....nothing. That means I haven't been knitting for two days...uh...the agony of it. I miss knitting in front of the T.V, I find its just not as interesting with out the sticks going.

Now I have more time to spend with Champ, so he is happy as I'm not knitting, but I'll find something soon
very soon. And that will make me happy:)


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